Subversion, missing some files when getting latest

Dec 16, 2011 at 6:00 PM

Hey there,

 Just wanted to peek at the code and try and help with some stuff.

 I'm running VS2010 and subversion. I used the subversion link from the Source Code tab ( and it grabbed a lot of files, however it doesn't have some that it seems to expect.

The project PGK.Extensions.Benchmark is unavailable, there is no file nor any folder for that code, I checked via the TortoiseSVN repo browser and saw a number of files, but that folder doesn't appear to be there

The following files in PGK.Extensions.Tests, are unavailable (and not in the SVN repo)

  • CollectionExtensionsTest
  • ComparableExtensionsTests
  • DirectoryInfoExtensionsTest
  • TextReaderExtensionsTest
  • Used_for_testing.txt

These appear to be all the files that I'm missing. I was wondering if:

a) these files are no longer required, but still accidentally in the project

b) these files are required and for some reason aren't in the repo

c) I screwed up the retrieving of code